2014 Digital Project Life - Jan 11 - 18

Today I'm sharing a full spread in my digital Project Life album. I used the January Unscripted kit from Mye De Leon.  (At the time I am writing this post, this hasn't come available yet to the public for purchase. It was offered first as a super deal to her newsletter subscribers, which is how I picked it up). I love the colors in this kit - the teal especially. There are coordinating papers, journaling cards, wood veneer elements, alphas and digital brushes, along with lots of embellishments.

Update: Here is the link to purchase the Unscripted January kit.

Here's a closer look at the left side:

You might have noticed that I added paper behind my "pockets." I know I said last week that I was going to keep my backgrounds white, but I spotted a layout by someone on Facebook, who used a suuuuuper subtle patterned paper behind her pockets and I fell in love. I decided to put very, very subtle paper behind my pockets from now on. Though, because I'm a little non-committal sometimes, I am also saving the layouts with the white, and I'm working on two photo books with Shutterfly - one with white and one with the paper, so I don't have to fully decide right now what I want to do for the whole year.

Anyway, back to the page. A bunch of photos of Austin, as usual. Up top, we had been watching Beauty & The Beast together, and he started pulling his socks all the way to his knees. I found it really funny so I snapped a photo. I just added journaling right to the photo.

I recolored a frame from the Stampin' Up! This & That Retro Fresh digital embellishment pack for the photo of Austin with his bank.

For this bottom card, I scanned in a handwritten letter I had received, thanking me for one of the giveaways I did on Instagram.

I made the washi tape using one of the embellishments from the Mye De Leon kit, repeated to be long enough for the length of tape. I used my own free digital washi tape for my base shape, and then a layer style from Mommyish to give it some further dimension. I added a round label underneath the scan of the letter (my apologies, I've forgotten where the label came from. I must take better notes when preparing my layouts).

On to the right side of the layout:

On this page I used a lot of the patterned paper that came in the kit for many of my spots. I adjusted one of the Cathy Zielske templates to make a 4x6 pocket on the bottom instead of the two 3x4s. (This is pretty easy - I just duplicated the 4x6 layer above them, dragged it down, lined it up, enlarged it ever so slightly because the 3x4's are just a tiny bit longer, and then hid the 3x4 layers).

I included a scan of some of Austin's artwork. Previously I'd started an art mini album for his art work, and I didn't include much of it at all in my Project Life layouts. Then I fell incredibly behind in scanning in his art, and I think I've decided, since I love digital Project Life, to make a digital book for it. Now I'm scanning as it comes in, and dating the back of the artwork as well. Since I'm scanning it in a timely manner, I decided to also start including more of it in my Project Life spreads.

Up at the top I wanted to note that I was able to get tickets to the new Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson show in Vegas while we are going to be there. I used one of the wood elements that came in the Mye De Leon kit, and layered some of the paper behind it (cropped small) so that the "awesome" wasn't see-through.


After a few weeks of the digital style, I definitely love it. It is not taking me less time though. In fact, since I'm new to it and still learning what I can do with it, it's taking more time. However, I feel okay with the extra time. I don't have to do it all at once. I can do it from bed, or down with my family. I don't spend time printing photos, rounding corners, photographing the layouts. Turning all of the different, time-consuming steps into one process (I even edit my photos as I include them in the layouts) just feels...easier.  But I don't want to disillusion you guys thinking this is quicker. For me, it's not. I think if you simply used cards, dropped in your photos, added your journaling and called it done, it would be. But I am having fun "playing" right now, so it's taking a lot of time. I'd say I spent 3 or 4 hours, split up over the course of a week, working on this.

I imagine as time goes on and I have my favorite "go to" embellishments or get a little more comfortable with where things are located on my drive and which kits have what in them (I organize with Evernote, which makes finding things much easier), I'll get faster at it. But it certainly isn't feeling like a chore to me at all, and as long as that remains the same, I'm happy.

Project Life is an amazing and simple scrapbooking system designed by Becky Higgins. For more information, please check out Becky's website. If you're new to the blog and you'd like to scroll back through my past few years doing Project Life, you can find all of my Project Life related posts here.  In 2014 I switched to digital Project Life, which you can find products for here.


  1. I found last year it wasn't quick at first. By about week 12, it was quick for me because I developed a few habits that made it quicker, as well as my proficiency increased. One of my habits is: I don't edit my photos as a rule. I will color correct, and fix a too dark or too light photo, but typically that's it, and sometimes I don't do that. PL to me is nitty gritty life, not all sunshine and roses, so I don't stress about the too warm photos in my mother's kitchen, or the too white photos from my mother in law's living room.

    1. Totally agreed on the editing. I will only spend a lot of time editing if the pics are with my DSLR and it's a special event. If they're iPhone the best I'll do is color correct (which is so easy in PSE) and lighten.

  2. I love the look of this layout Melissa! I have been so torn...to PL or not to PL, that is the question? I see layouts from CZ and think I love the simple look, and then I see layouts like yours and love them too! Decisions, Decisions, ACK! Perhaps I will strike a balance somewhere inbetween. Is the handwritten font that you are using your own handwriting? Or....?

    1. It's from Kevin & Amanda, called Pea C-Squared.

      Thanks! I am just playing for now. Trying out different things. I like adding a creative touch over completely simple.