2014 Project Life: My Thoughts

Two weeks out from the end of 2013, and I think I’ve got a good plan for the new year, as far as Project Life goes.

As I had talked about previously, I’m going to switch to doing digital Project Life layouts for my 2014 album. I may decide part of the way through I hate it, I may love it. But I owe it to myself to at least try it out for awhile.

I love doing Project Life, but I found as 2013 progressed, preparing the weekly layout seemed to be a bit of a chore at times. I’d have 2 or 3 weeks to document at once because of whatever came up that kept me from putting my album together. Then I’d have to go though my photos, print them out (either at home or at Walgreens/CVS), put them in the layout and then, because I just can’t keep my pages free of embellishments, figure out what I had in my stash that coordinated with what kit I wanted to use in the layout. It was a several hour process every week, and that’s not what Project Life should be, in my opinion.

Becky talks about simplicity – photos and cards in pockets. Get your memories documented, quickly, easily, and so you can share with your family. My Project Life album hasn’t been that simple for me to do. Sure, some weeks come together quickly, others would take me days to finish. That’s not how I want to spend all of my free time.

Do you know how long this layout took me?

What I do want is to keep documenting our lives. Perhaps not the meals we’re eating or what shoes I’m wearing today, but I want the little stories that I want to remember to still be captured. I am hoping that switching to a digital format will help me get these in an album (in my case, a photo book) quicker than the physical pocket pages have been for me. I won’t have to print photos, I won’t have to search for embellishments. I can leave a spread incomplete without having my craft room in disarray.

But what to do with all the physical products which I’ve collected (and still adore)? This brings me to my thoughts for 2014.

What I’m doing in 2014:

  • Digital Project Life for my 2014 album, printed in a photo book (either 8x8 or 12x12). My plan is to print quarterly books (sometimes Shutterfly has free codes), followed by a book that holds the full year. I think I’ll do 8x8 for the quarterly books – they’ll be passed along to Austin once I print my yearly book.
  • Using my free printable planner sheets to keep track of memories and key photos/memorabilia to scan for the book. I have tried incorporating PL planning into a regular weekly planner, but I find I use my iPhone calendar far more than looking at a paper planner for appointments and such. The PL sheets I made are so handy because I can keep them by my bed and write down notes about the day before bed.

  • Using my physical core kits, albums, page protectors and stash to work on a Disney vacation album. I had started a traditional scrapbook years ago that documented our trips to Orlando but I didn’t get very far at all. We’ve been to Disney SO many times (with plans for another trip late in 2014) that I thought it would be really nice to start a 12x12 binder for our trips, that I can keep adding to as we go on more and more vacations. I also have plans to put together a wedding scrapbook with the Olive Edition. That one is still one of my favorite kits, and I haven’t touched it, just waiting for the right project. I even have that one in both physical and digital format. Since Project Life wasn’t really around when I got married, I thought I would take my time and do an album, Project Life style. Cutting out the physical album for my 2014 everyday stuff will {hopefully} allow me more time, and more creative energy, to work on these physical albums when I have time to scrap.
  • Have more time for other projects – cards, traditional layouts, mini albums, etc. I found in 2013 I used a lot of my creative energy, as I referred to it above, on my weekly layout, leaving me little desire to continue scrapping/crafting later in the week. I did work on several things, but I found it difficult to maintain my mojo. :)

I’m leaving room for 2014 to evolve as time progresses. I may really miss doing the weekly layouts. I may decide I love digital and never look back. But I am really excited to change things up and try it out.

Care to share your plans for 2014?


  1. I'm fairly proud of myself. I kept up with my binder through August, but then hit a creative road block and have been playing catch up ever since. I still love it though and think I'll stick with the regular pictures-in-pockets format, if you will. Maybe one day I'll try digital. :)

    This was my first year and I took your idea of the tiny calendars as the week header cards. So I premade them for the year and thought I'd love them, but through the year I felt like I was stuck with that specific color scheme. I stuck it out though, until December. I'm using the Merry and Bright kit through December so I'm remaking those. The only thing I plan on changing for 2014 is the week cards. I'm just going to make them as I go. Overall, I'm very proud of myself even though there were some slow moments and I didn't get everything photographed like I wanted to. It's okay. There's always next year. :)

    1. LOL, I'm sure you noticed that even I stopped using my own week number title cards at some point during the year :) It is hard to commit to a full year. I remember I went through in my first album and dated all of the Amber cards for the whole year - but got sick of the Amber color scheme a few weeks in. All those title cards wasted.