Project Life 2013: Week 36

Welcome to Project Life 2013, week 36. This week I am using the Just Add Color kit.

Here's my full layout:

This week felt LONG. A lot went down with work and at home, and this week wore me out.

Left side:

We took Austin to his first movie on Monday, which was Labor Day. We needed to do something with him and it was raining out. He needed to get out, as we spent the previous day at home because he'd had a fever. It came to me to bring him to a kids movie and see how he did. He loves to watch Wall-E at home, so I figured it was worth a try, and if he didn't like it we could leave.

Turns out, he loved it. We took him to Planes, which was a good choice because most of the movie is just watching planes fly around. He got a little fidgety in the middle, but there were tons of little kids at this movie and his fidgeting seemed not to disturb anyone, because they were all making noise and moving around. He loved the movie, so it was definitely a success.

This week was really busy for me at work again. I took the majority of the job of one of my coworkers who was moving away, and I had to cram a lot of learning into just two weeks once I got back from vacation. Plus, our company was working on a deal with another company and half the company was sold, and that was finalized this week. Lots of changes at work and so I came home every night for two weeks mentally exhausted.

And then Wednesday afternoon I got a call from daycare that Austin was throwing up. Brad brought him home and he continued to throw up for the rest of the evening, so I stayed home with him from Thursday, since I have the ability to log in via VPN.

Friday it was back to work for the first day after half of our company was sold. There was a small celebration and so a few of us grabbed the balloons to take home to our kids. We also said goodbye to my coworker and friend, so that was a very sad day. :(

Here's the right side:

Just pictures of Austin all over. Playground pics that Brad took (I'm teaching him well that he needs to take photos for Project Life), one of Austin eating wasabi peas (loves them!), one on his roller coaster, and some photos of us on Sunday dressed in our Patriots gear.

That's week 36! Enjoy your week everyone!

Project Life is an amazing and simple scrapbooking system designed by Becky Higgins. For more information, please check out Becky's website. If you're new to the blog and you'd like to scroll back through my past few years doing Project Life, you can find all of my Project Life related posts here.

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