Georges Island

This past weekend, Brad and I took Austin out to Georges Island, one of the islands in Boston Harbor. I decided I didn't feel like lugging too much stuff with us, so I skipped bringing my Nikon and took all my pictures with my iPhone. Are they spectactular? No. But how "perfect" do photos need to be to document a memory? I'm happy I didn't spend the day behind a huge camera lens and instead was able to run around and chase my son on the grass inside Fort Warren. Here are a few pictures (all of which were posted on my Instagram so if you follow me there, you'll be seeing these twice).

Waiting on the dock for our ferry:

 A beautiful view of Boston as we headed out to the island:

Austin playing in the new fort playground. They built a mini fort with a slide and small cannons. Really cool! You can see Boston in the background too.

Entrance to Fort Warren:

Where the "BIG BIG" guns were, or where "Austin no want to fall down the hole."
Hanging out on the grass inside the fort. Added a little text with the Rhonna Designs app.
While waiting for our return ferry, I let Austin toss rocks into the ocean. This kept him entertained for a good 20 minutes!

Not even 5 minutes into the ferry ride back, he was out!

When we got home, we were exhausted, but made sure to head out to our town's local fireworks celebration. I'm glad we did, because the fireworks were great and we had a lovely view. Sunday, we spent the afternoon and evening with our friends the Castners. The boys played in their yard and we enjoyed some hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. It was a great time with good friends.

All in all, a really busy weekend but we enjoyed every minute of it. It felt nice to do some things locally and wear Austin out :)

I've been a bit tired since we got back from Disney and a little disorganized and disoriented. I took on some new responsibilities at work that has taken a lot of my mental energy and I have 3 weeks of Project Life waiting to be scrapped, along with a couple of layouts I made that I want to post for you guys. Bear with me! I'll be back in the swing of blogging soon, just trying to catch up! I hope you're all enjoying September so far :)

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  1. I love these pics! It looks like your little dude had a really fun day! That place looks SO cool to me, I do hope to visit someday! Even just the ferry ride looks fun! :-)