From The Flea Market To The Craft Room

A couple of weeks ago my mom handed me two boxes she'd bought at the flea market for 25 cents each. The boxes are rubbish, it's what was inside that was kind of neat.

Each box was filled with clear plastic sheets. The larger sheets are thinner, more like a heavy transparency.

The smaller sheets were a bit thicker. The plastic reminded me of...wait for it...these alpha tiles from Crate Paper.

So I ran right over to my Big Shot and put one of these through with a Tim Holtz Block Talk Alphabet Die. (It's a steel rule die; the thick plastic would not cut with the thin metal dies, but the thinner larger plastic sheets might, I haven't tried yet).

The letters popped right out of the plastic. The only difficulty I have is getting the centers of the letters out but that doesn't really bother me leaving them in. I've seen a lot of people using their thickers or alpha stickers with the centers left inside so I'm ok with that look.

And what's also neat is now I have a plastic stencil for misting.

I tried out one of the letters over a photo of Austin. I love that you can see right through the alpha but it definitely stands out over the photo!

So for 50 cents, I can make several dozen alpha die cuts. I love the flea market!

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