Back from Disney

We got back Saturday night from our Disney vacation. Still catching up and I will share more photos and my Disney mini album (along with the normal Project Life layouts for those weeks) on the blog when I can.

The whole trip was 11 days and nights. We left home on Tuesday the 13th in the evening, drove 24 hours straight from Massachusetts, and made it to Disney's Beach Club resort Wednesday evening the 14th.  The drive home we did in 2 legs, with a stopover in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Looking back, both Brad and I said that we preferred the straight drive and would not stay overnight in the future unless we were planning to site-see along the way. (There are loads of battlefields and other things to check out along I95).

The trip was a lot of fun, but we did have issues with Austin. I learned that taking a toddler on a long vacation far from home isn't easy. I'm sure a lot of things factored into Austin's behavior - not having his normal routine, being hot, tired, hungry and thirsty, and in general just being 2 years old - but I wasn't prepared for the trouble we had. When we went in October, Austin was 1 and a half and was an angel. At 2, he is generally easygoing and I've only had a few tantrums at home. These past two weeks, he turned into "that child" that you see when you're in public and wonder why the parent isn't controlling him. The truth is that we just couldn't. We did our absolute best, but we definitely experienced those moments of feeling like failure parents. He was an animal, kicking, screaming, and slapping me in the face when he wasn't able to do something he wanted to do. It really made the trip less than enjoyable at times and because of this, I'm happier than usual to be home.

I'll write more later on this as I recap our trip with photos. For now I just wanted to share the one above and say that we're home! :)

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  1. We have all been there sista!! lol Dont worry you wont have to send him off to the zoo to live with all the other wild things!! He will come around they all do.... Hang in there!! xoxo brandi