Reviving Old Supplies

Do any of you have these old punch out letter stacks from the late 90's/early 2000's? (Actually I think these are still made today; I swear I saw a set at Joann's recently).

There are a billion sheets, all different patterns and 3 different fonts. Two of which are UGLY. Some of those patterns and fonts just can't be saved.

But the block font is modern enough, and with a little altering, they can still be used today without looking so dated. I have four examples to show you today.

Let's start with this dark blue block letter sheet.

Add a little doodle stitching with a white Gelly Roll pen and they're super cute!

Next, this white alphabet is a clean slate to do anything with.

I loved the idea of using Glimmer Mist to add splotches.

Totally awesome!

This dotted pattern wasn't too bad either:

For this one I thought adding a little sponging around the edges would be nice.

Finally, as I said before, some patterns are just too ugly to save. So why not use them as a misting mask?

There you go! Four great ways to use up those old scrapbooking letters. I am really glad I didn't have to just toss the whole bunch but was able to find ways to make them "new" again. :)


  1. I LOVE this! Such a good way to save these things from the recycling bin. The misting mask is my fave! I just love that look!

  2. Love the misting idea at the end - but my misting never looks that good!

    1. On the very last one I use the (now retired) Stampin' Up! manual air brusher with my Copic markers chisel tip. The brush tip on the Copic or the SU markers will make it splotchy like in the second example (that's done with the mister bottle though), but the chisel tip on the Copic gets a nice fine airbrush spray. Love it.

      Here's a youtube video that shows the technique:

  3. What a great way to make old stash usable.

  4. Thanks for sharing how to use old stash

  5. oh man I use to have a stack like that!!! Now I wish I kept them! Great ideas.