Etsy Shop Reopening & Sale

Several months ago, I had switched my online shop to Storenvy. Storenvy is great, because you do not get charged any listing or sale fees, and listings do not expire. You can customize your store, too. However, I had a few issues with Storenvy, and they do not include the ability to immediately download digital files as part of their platform. (You can do this with a third party vendor for a high monthly cost, and right now the cost for that is just not practical for the level of sales I have in my shop).

So I have swapped back to Etsy, even though it does mean listing and sale fees. Now, when you purchase digital items from me, you can download the files immediately after payment, vs. waiting for me to email the files to you. (This is for non custom orders-custom orders that require additional design work are still handled the same way as before).

In honor of this "reopening" I am running a 15% off sale through July 31, 2013. Use coupon code REOPEN15 to get 15% off anything in my shop.

I did add two new items this week:

I hope you guys like the new Etsy shop and the ability to download items right away!

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