Like my new look?

I tested positive for Carpal Tunnel, so wrist guards all day for that. I may or may not have some sort of foot CTS (I forget the name), which there's really no treatment for. Could also be low blood sugar or a B12 deficiency. So I was sent for blood work too.

For now, the guards, and ergonomic changes at work, and more supportive shoes. Will know by Friday if anything abnormal in the blood.

If this stuff doesn't help and blood work is normal, it's off to a neurologist. Which, she warned me, is not very pleasant because they'll test my nerves involving some sort of electric current thing through my arms. I'm hoping no neurologist. One step at a time.

These things are a pain. It's harder to type and they're not all that comfortable but I suppose I'll get used to them.

I'm super proud of myself that not only did I not cry for the blood test, I didn't even get nervous! Maybe because I knew this was probably coming and should be done, but it didn't even hurt and was super quick. Last time I had blood work done I bawled my flippin' eyes out. Such a baby. A baby with four tattoos but still a wimp when it comes to needles or blood tests or IVs.

Will keep you guys posted. Thanks SO much for all your kind words and thoughts and prayers yesterday. It is very much appreciated and I am so thankful for you guys. :)


  1. So thankful for this update! Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers! xo

  2. I have ligament instability in both wrists but more pronounced in my right, I'm waiting on an MRI scan which involves injecting die into my wrists to look at the ligaments properly, so can completely sympathise with how your feeling! Will be sending healing thoughts your way! xx

  3. Thanks for the update.......the braces aren't so bad; certainly beats the alternative. I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers (no neurologist)!

  4. Sending you a bunch of warm wishes, hope things help soon.

  5. Just thinkin' of you, Melissa & hoping you're feeling much better. I know carpal tunnel isn't one of those things that goes away quickly, but I have my fingers crossed for you & am sending you hugs.

  6. Aww! It felt like I was starting to get carpal tunnel and I got a wrist wrest. It helped tremendously! It's a little jelly thing you can put in front of your mouse. They also make wrist guards to go in front of the keyboard that work well too. ::hugs::