I booked an appointment tomorrow with the nurse at my dr. office that I'm a little nervous about. Of course, much of this nervousness comes from Dr. Google, which will tell you that if you sneeze more than 3 times an hour you're about to die or something like that.

I have been having some numbness in my feet for awhile now, off and on, and recently it's starting in my fingers - the ring finger and pinky finger on each hand, more so on my left hand. But it is both feet, around my toes.

Google this and you get several suggestions, none of which are "oh, that's normal." It's MS, or diabetes, or nerve damage. Or a stroke, but I know it's not that.

Given a family history of diabetes (not from birth, later in life), and some other symptoms that COULD be related, such as excessive thirst, frequently using the restroom, and occasionally getting lightheaded after not eating for a few isn't impossible. I've had bloodwork within the past two years that didn't show anything like that but I think since the numbness keeps recurring I should get it looked at.

Just nervous at potential results. I'm even nervous at the possible testing that I may have to undergo. I don't do well with most medical procedures, mentally, so I'm a bit scared.

Hoping that it's just circulation or something simple.


  1. I know it doesn't mean anything to tell you not to worry.. but... don't worry! :-)
    It really could be ANYTHING, and a lot of the options are minor. For example - I have the same symptoms as you... I always have. They did indeed check me for diabetes (which luckily, I do not have)
    The numbness in my hands is from carpal tunnel, and the feet (which is very common, apparently) is a relatively harmless nerve compression.
    I'm not saying you've got what I've got, just that often times the diagnosis is much less scary than the things in your head!
    Good luck at the appointment tomorrow, I'll be thinking of ya :-)

  2. It's hard not to worry, but I'm hoping that everything is fine. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. God Bless You Melissa, all will be fine, like Chai said, it could be anything and the most important thing here, is that you are addressing it, and seeing a doctor. My thoughts and prayers are with you always, and whatever it is, you will take care of it. Plus, a Vegas Girl can't be down for to long, the Show must go on, so, let the doctors do their thing - make you all better, because you are needed on YouTube ! Sending you lots of get well hugs !
    and of course, your Family needs you even more !

  4. It is scary. My only advice to you is that you make sure your doctor takes it seriously. My doctor didn't (numb fingers and then numb feet) and it took a few extra years to get diagnosed. Those years are super important depending on what the diagnoses is.

  5. It's hard not to worry, especially if Dr. Google has already done his diagnosis. Good luck tomorrow and I'll add you to the prayer list.

  6. Sending you a great big hug and I'm glad you are getting things checked. Wishing you the best for a helpful appointment and diagnosis that is positive.

  7. ((hugs)) to you, Melissa!!! I know the stress of worrying is probably making it worse. And I am so guilty of seeing a commercial or reading an article and thinking "I have *that,* oh no!" ... I think most women are that way. I hope you get answers soon, and get treatment started. I know it seems crazy, but I feel like I know you (in a completely non-stalkerish kind of way, LOL), and I hate to hear that anything could be wrong - but dealing with it whatever it is put you in the right direction! Take care, sweetie!! You obviously have friends across the world that care about you - know that you have all of us as a big support system - we're all pulling for you!!! :)