10 Things Right Now - Austin

Totally stolen from Ali Edwards and One Happy Mama. I don't have a Project Life spread to share today (tomorrow, hopefully), and this sounded like fun. Definitely going into my Project Life spread.

Watching 101 Dalmations, Bob The Builder, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Loving plastic bottles, trucks, and the beach.

Wanting everything :)

Eating macaroni & cheese, blueberries, pancakes, and Goldfish crackers.

Playing with Endless Alphabet on the iPad and toy cars and trucks.

Singing the Bob The Builder theme and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Hotdog" song.

Asking "what was that?" after every noise.

Negotiating with us when he wants to watch "The Doggies" or play the iPad.

Wearing t-shirts and pants, as it's June and only just starting to get to shorts weather.

Looking for daddy every time he wakes up from a nap or in the morning.


  1. This is the happiest thing I've seen on the internet in weeks (minus Evangeline's shoot), THANK YOU for posting <3