Project Life 2013: Week 16

Welcome to Project Life 2013, week 16. If you're new to my blog, make sure you check out my post about my 2013 album.

This was a rough one to document but I spent some time thinking about it and it pulled together well. Fairly simple with a few extras.

The week was exhausting. Even re-living it while pulling the spread together made me tired. I brought my mom to the hospital Monday, where she eventually had to get her gallbladder removed. That same day, the Boston Marathon bombings occurred. Trying to work these two stressful and intense events into the album of our family memories was difficult.

I used some alpha thickers from Amy Tangerine and labelled the three photos of her in her hospital bed (in the ER, before surgery and after surgery). I journaled a little about her stay on a card from one of the Studio Calico Project Life kits.

For the bombings, I used Google image search to find a non-graphic photo of the explosion and then I wrote on a journaling card from a pack by Me & My Big Ideas. It was a very intense week here in Massachusetts and I had to put it in my layout - the event consumed me. I think it grabbed so much of my attention because I knew that we had a chance to catch the bombers. I have been affected and saddened by tragedies such as the CT school shooting, but in that case, the suspect was dead. There was no chance for justice. Because we had the chance to find out who did this and charge him/her, I just couldn't stop watching.

The right hand side of the layout is definitely more upbeat. I included, of course, journaling about the capture of suspect number 2, along with a screenshot of a tweet by police when the moment happened. I added photos of Austin at Jam Time and a shot of my mother's beautiful daffodils.

Those awesome letters are from Heidi Swapp. Love the color. I just ran them through my Xyron for adhesive and stuck them right to my photo.

I used one of those wood embellishments from Recollections over the photo of Austin learning how to play air hockey with me.

That's my week 16. Started off so heavy, but ended on a lighter note. I am glad that things are settling down around here and look forward to my mom having no more gallbladder attacks and Boston healing from the bombing.


  1. Tough things to document, hope your Mum is feeling much better now. Mine had hers out and after a couple weeks was feeling much better .

    1. She is doing better, thank you! She's very happy actually, because now she can eat a bunch of foods she couldn't before - fried things, for example. She hasn't had any heartburn or indigestion since the surgery!

  2. You did a great job incorporating the tough things that went years to come I think you'll be glad you documented these times.
    I love the look of your pages...I think your style is similar to mine!

    Hope your mom is recovering nicely!


    1. Thank you! And I know I'm glad that I took so many photos of her in the hospital. It's not something that happens every day and if I didn't photograph it we might forget about the details.

  3. Life is full of ups and downs and I think it's important to document even the downs as you have done here. And all is now well :)

  4. Great spread! I think it's great that you found a way to document the bombings, I have been trying to include world events in my albums more--especially when they touch my life--because it really gives so much context to the things going on in my life + they really are an important part of our story. Last October I was in Hurricane Sandy and I still haven't been able to document it properly, but I definitely will get to it, thanks for the reminder of how important it is!

    I love your "spring" card, those alphas are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing + I hope your mom is feeling better!

  5. Great pages. Hope your Mom is on the mend now