New Shop Items: 3x4 Life Overlays & Cards

I have two new shop items to share with you today. I created a set of 8 photo overlays in 3x4 size, perfect for Project Life.

These overlays come in PNG format in both black and white (though you of course can recolor them to anything you like). I like to reduce the opacity a little so that some of my photo peeks through as you can see in the example:

These overlays also come with a printable version if you'd like to use them as journaling cards. Now here is where I want to tell you about a product I found.

On Amazon, I found this American Crafts white textured solid core card stock and decided to give it a try on journaling cards I print. It is GORGEOUS.

Just look at this texture:

If you print the PDF included in the download, here's what you'll see:

Lovely! I've added faint cut lines so that you can easily trim the cards once they're printed.

The second shop item that I wanted to tell you about is a printed set of these cards. For those of you who'd just like a set of the cards without purchasing a pack of the paper yourself or perhaps you don't own a printer, I'm releasing (in limited quantities) a set of these cards, printed by me, shipped to you. I print them on my Epson, and I trim them myself with my paper trimmer, so the work is done for you. You'll get the set of 8 cards on this gorgeous American Crafts textured card stock.

Oh, and for anyone who wonders, I wrote on this card stock with one of my American Crafts Precision Pens (which are supposed to be the same as the Becky Higgins branded ones coming out soon and oh by the way are my absolute favorite journaling pens ever) and they work beautifully.

I may start printing all of my journaling cards on this card stock, it's just so pretty!

Click here to get the overlays, and click here to order a set of printed cards.

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