Evernote For Organizing Stamps

Last week I had a life changing moment while browsing the Splitcoaststampers forums, specifically in the Stampin' Up! demo only forum. I read a post about organizing stamp sets and saw someone mention using an app called Evernote.

I have not explored all of the uses of Evernote, but I need to comment on how AWESOME this is for organizing multiple stamp sets. There's a great blog post by Ink On My Whiskers that walks you through a tutorial for using Evernote for organizing stamps, so I won't rehash it, just urge you to check out that post. The simple story is you add a photo of a stamp set and tag that set with anything it can possibly be used for. Then you can search for a word and pull all sets that relate!

I started right away last week and am about 60% complete with loading all of my sets onto Evernote. I did pay the $5 for one month of premium service, specifically to get all of the photos of my stamps uploaded. I have so many I couldn't do them all within the free limits. You do not lose anything if you cancel your premium service, in fact, it's recommended if you're uploading a large amount of data the first month to just pay the $5 monthly fee and then cancel. All of my data will still be saved (and it syncs via cloud so you can view and edit on your mobile device or computer). I chose for my stamp sets to pull a good image (often the index or catalog image) to use, for my single stamps I just snapped a photo of each one with my iPhone (which took no time at all).

I love that I can now do a quick search for, say, all of my baby stamps and they'll all pull up.Here's a screenshot of my iPhone Evernote app.

No more stamp binder for me (which served me quite well before I found this app). It's MUCH quicker to snap a photo and put the set on Evernote than to stamp a card for each image, write what stamp set it is on the back and then slide it into page protectors. Also I still had yet to stamp any of my clear sets into that binder, which meant having the binder, my Stamps of Life binder, my cling Stampin' Up! cases and two boxes of miscellaneous clear stamps whenever I wanted to find something. Now it is all in one place.

Seriously. Life changing people! I am planning on doing my punches, embossing folders, and dies too! I might even do a shot of all of my washi tape so I don't buy duplicates. The uses for Evernote from a craft organization point of view are endless!


  1. I have been using Evernote forever:-) I use it for everything, also for inspirational scrap lay outs, scrap kits or project life wishes that I come across while browsing. A great help by saving images while browsing on your iphone or ipad is the great EverClip app that works together with Evernote. For instance if you were browsing a blog or a store about stamp and you see one you like and want to save for later, you make sure your EverClip app is open than you hold your finer on the image to copy it, move to EverClip it and it will be copied you can add tags or a comment and it will be send to Evernote with the physical address attached to it you when later browsing your Evernote you only have to click to get to that stamp that you saved. Highly recommend this add-on app.

    If you use Chrome as a browser on your computer a great add-on extension is Clearly and Evernote clip. Clearly clears the page so you only clip the article you're interested in and not all the ads etc. and Evernote clip will clip an image, an selection or a PDF or URL for you to Evernote. Both extension I have been using for a year now and also highly recommend them. Great for adding recipes, blog articles or I clipped many of your tutorials! :-)

    1. Oooh! Thanks so much for these tips! :) I'll check out the Everclip app and the add ons, though I use Firefox but I'll bet there are some for that too!

    2. Yes, there's an extension for Firefox that puts a button in your navigation toolbar called Evernote Web Clipper. I have been using Evernote for a couple years and use it for lots of things. I've used it in job searches where I save the original job posting for later reference (without wasting paper printing them out). I was just organizing my stamps recently and this is a very cool idea! I think it would work great for ink colors, marker colors, and Thickers also (I have bought duplicates!).

  2. This is seriously awesome!
    Makes me wish I had enough to warrant using it! Maybe someday :-)
    Saves room on the shelves where those binders were, too!

  3. I've heard about Evernote in context with keeping track of PL journaling, never thought about using it for cataloguing supplies. Fabulous idea (especially the washi tape)!

  4. I have been using Evernote to catalog my stamps, digital kits, and pdf files of classes I've taken. Life saver!!

  5. have appreciated all these tips on organizing stamps, whether clear or regular. Very helpful - thanks for sharing.