Tutorial: Using PNG overlays in Ribbet :)

Another tutorial for you all. (Hopefully I'm being helpful with these and not driving you guys nuts - please let me know in the comments if you DON'T want any more tutorials). A reader just commented on my post about using Ribbet for putting two 3x4 images onto a 4x6 canvas, and it sparked my curiosity about a new feature Ribbet has added for starting with a blank canvas (something you couldn't do before).

The blank canvas feature gives you an option to use a transparent background. Which got me thinking...I wonder if I can use transparent PNG overlays now? Turns out, you can! This is even easier than the GIMP tutorial I posted yesterday.

Go to www.ribbet.com, sign into your free account, and upload an image and your PNG overlay. 

By the way, see the bottom right? That's where you can start with a blank canvas if you like. You can create your own custom collages this way! 

I just picked a random image in my photo library, the image and overlay I'm using have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Open up your base image.

See the Photo Basket tab at the bottom? Click that an it will open up all of your photos. You can drag photos onto your base photo (or blank canvas if you started with one). I dragged in my overlay.

Resize it by dragging the corners. Then you can adjust the color so easy, just use the little box on the side that says "photo color" (just be sure you're still on the overlay layer).

You can use that same box to adjust the opacity too.

Done! How SIMPLE and awesome.


  1. This is GREAT! Don't stop with the tutorials. :)

  2. Keep the tutorials coming, it was because of them I got the courage to use Ribbet. Thanks!

  3. Don't stop with tutorials! I need them and I am sure others do also! Thank you!

  4. Please don't stop tutorials! I need them and I am sure other people do also! Thank you!