Easter Eggs 2013

I haven't dyed Easter eggs in years. But this year I knew Austin was old enough to really enjoy it, so we decided to try. He had a BLAST!

 Trying to reach the dye while we were setting up. "I can't reach it!"

I saw the wire whisk trick on Pinterest. Genius idea!

He got so into dying the eggs. He'd tell us which color he wanted to try next, and we'd mix some colors too. So much fun for all of us.

After Austin was done, it was my turn to play.

I saw a tutorial on Pinterest from Domestifluff about using glue dots to add some glitter to eggs. Mine are not nearly as nice as those, but for my first attempt at anything remotely decorative, I'll take it. 

I used the clear Martha Stewart glitter since my eggs were already colored.

On Sunday morning, Austin hunted Easter eggs for the first time, first at our house, and later at my moms (she filled her plastic eggs with mini M&Ms and Goldfish crackers). He really got into it and found all the eggs pretty quickly. Then he wanted to put them back and find them again!

I hope all of you had nice Easters this year!


  1. The wisk idea is SERIOUSLY brilliant!!

  2. très joli ces oeufs colorés, j'adore ! Bravo

  3. Ok that whisk idea is magic , thank goodness for Pinterest !