Project Life 2013: Week 8

Welcome to Project Life 2013, week 8. If you're new to my blog, make sure you check out my post about my 2013 album.

Pretty simple week once we got home from our trip.

 I got new glasses, picked up tickets for Super Why for Austin, and said goodbye to a coworker.

I left this week's layout pretty simple - just added some small labels and tags, like this little "you & me" label.

This is one of those layouts that I don't 100% love, but am happy it is completed so I can keep moving forward. :) I'd rather have things scrapped and in an album than wait to make it "perfect" in my mind.


  1. I just had this internal talk with myself over the weekend. I have a couple of layouts that I've been stressing over, just didn't look "right" to me ... but they're DONE. Sometimes it really is OK to just live with it! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes throught this!

  2. Love the new glasses Melissa ! I think your pages look great... And they are done whereas mine are not :-)

  3. I have a couple layouts that I feel the same way. But when I look back over them I do say "glad that week is done!" I still haven't done my week 8 with our trip.

    On another note, the picture is fantastic! I'm working on scanning pictures of my dad growing up. I think I'm going to do a digital PL album for him. I even have letter from his dad as he was growing up I'm going to add to it. I'm SO glad I've been procrastinating putting it together so I can do it with a digital kit!!

  4. Love that winter view and the dog Yukon! Perfect name. Nice pages.

  5. Lots of very cute details. And you are so right, in a few years, you won't even care about the design, etc, you'll just care that you have photos and stories and details recorded. In fact, in a few years all of our designs will probably look outdated! :) Well done! I love your photos.