iPhone App: Inkflow

Just wanted to let you guys know of a great iPhone/iPad app that I was referred to by a fellow Stampin' Up! demo last week.

The app is called Inkflow, and there is a free and a paid version. I'm currently using the free version and it is wonderful.

This app basically lets you sketch out your ideas in a workbook style. You can add pages (in free, up to 20 pages per book), so you can keep all of your projects together in one document, which you can then share. I love the ability to email myself a PDF of my sketches. Whenever inspiration for freebies or new shop designs hits me, I can just open up this app, quickly sketch it, and send it to myself for later. The app also keep the drawings if you don't want to email them to yourself, of course.

In the free version, it's very simple. A pen, select to delete, and undo buttons. The paid version allows for many more options, such as color and paintbrush, and eraser tools, if you want to take your sketches to a higher level. I anticipate getting the paid version soon.

I'm also thinking that this might be really fun for you guys that might like to sketch out your Project Life layouts or ideas. :)

Check out the app in the iTunes store here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check it out :)

    This sounds very similar to a free app called "Note Anytime," except it has many free features.