Austin's Clock Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Can I just say that I have no idea how my little tiny 7 pound, 15 ounce baby boy is turning two this week? Where did the time go?

After the huge first birthday party I threw last year, I had decided to keep this year a bit smaller. At least, that was the plan. :) A few less guests, but this year's decorations definitely competed with last year's.

The theme for the party was clocks, because Austin goes absolutely nuts when he sees a clock. He loves them. It was an easy choice. I started with the party favors, which you've probably read about the drama with those by now.

These are plastic block sets in a bucket with a clock top! How PERFECT! I ordered THESE from Rhode Island Novelty.

Once I got my Silhouette Portrait, (currently on sale for 159.99 on Amazon), I knew exactly how to do my decorations. I bought this clock design, removed some of the elements, and cut out what felt like a million clocks in two sizes.

The smallest size clock, along with a big number 2, also cut with the Portrait, were tied with baker's twine to 40 balloons I hung in our kitchen.

The larger clocks, I used in a few places, including our mantel:

The focal point of the mantel were silhouettes of Austin at birth, age 1, and age 2 that I cut out using my Silhouette Portrait. I cropped out his head in Photoshop, saved it as a black PNG, and traced it in the Silhouette Studio software. Perfect!

I also used the clocks for a mobile I hung in the middle of the living room archway:

And more on our dining room archway:

We had a clock cake, custom made by my sister.

I made the bunting myself using some chipboard thickers I cut with my Big Shot, bakers twine, and cake pop sticks.

Austin absolutely loved the balloons:

He did not love his party hat I "made" him (I really just added the baker's twine tassel), but I did manage to get him to pose for one photo.

Of course, he liked the cake too :)

I didn't take a good photo but we did a taco bar for the food, which kept things pretty simple.

We just bought disposable metal containers at BJ's, and filled them with all the toppings needed for a great burrito. We used the large burrito wraps and steamed them, cooked up some beef and chicken, and we had lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, onion, beans, rice, and other fillings. Everyone loved it, including my 84 year old grandmother who had never had a burrito in her entire life. Success!

It was a great party, with some great friends, and I am so thankful we had nice weather and everyone had a great time. The kids that came seemed to have a blast playing on Austin's roller coaster and I think everyone loved the decorations and the clock bucket favors. Very happy it went well, and very happy it is over and I can relax a little!


  1. It definitely went perfectly! Even Auntie Shannon had a fabulous time :-)
    I call this one a success!

    1. Thank you again for all your help with the party! :) Also you can make me some guacamole anytime, that was delicious!

  2. Oh, Melissa, I love this! The decor is beautiful, you did an amazing job.

    And we totally did a taco bar for a couple events here at home... they're AWESOME, I love them. ;)

    Happy 2nd birthday to Austin! (ALREADY OMG)