Silhouette Portrait

Used some gift cards, and finally purchased a Silhouette! I got the Silhouette Portrait, because it's cheaper (179.99 with free shipping on Amazon), and I don't need the 12x12 canvas size.

So, Silhouette users, any tips for this newbie?

Oh, and I'm keeping my Cricut Expression, because I have some Cricut cartridges I'd still like to use and I have heard it can cut through thicker materials easier (though I haven't tried yet). Plus I only paid $30 bucks for it!


  1. i have had mine for a few weeks now, so no real tips yet to share. But i am absolutley loving the vinyl. I am putting labels and decals on just about everything in my house !! I decaled my fridge, the step stool, a reacycling bin and plastic storage containers. I cant wait to get into my pantry next!

  2. I don't know what this sleek mofo even does. But ooh it looks cute!

  3. I've got lots of tips!

    Don't read the blog where everyone complains about how hard it is to use or the trouble they are having with their machines. Read the instructions that came with the machine and watch Silhouette's videos.

    When all else fails, google what you are trying to do and watch a youtube video. It works every time.

    Make sure you line your page correctly. I was not sure the first time I did it and ended up cutting through my mat.

    Season your mat. It sounds weird but a new mat is too sticky. A few blogs suggested it and I did. They were right. Peel the protector from the mat and press the sticky side against a flannel sheet. Repeat this once or twice.

    Just like a Cricut, the mat will lose its stickiness over time. You can remove the old adhesive with Go-Gone. Then, tape off the non-stick portions of the mat. Spray removable adhesive on the remaining portions of your mat and you'll be as good as new.

    1. Thank you! I am super thankful for this info.

      I've been browsing the Silhouette shop and am drooling on my desk at some of the designs. Love that you can make your own (legally) with the Silhouette software and that you can use SVG files if you get the designer edition (which I plan to soon).

      I think I'm going to love this machine!

  4. I am getting mine in a week!! I got the smaller size too.

    Since you just got yours recently, I am wondering what you think of it since hopefully you have had some time to play...

    I am going to subscribe so I can see your ideas and thoughts...

    1. I love it! I haven't had a ton of time to play but I did pretty much immediately trace one of my own PNGs and cut it out, and I did a print and cut test with some of my labels. I designed a couple of things in the software too but they need some tweaking. But I'm swamped right now so I am going to have to put it aside for a couple of weeks! :)