Freebie Friday: Snow Day Cut Files & Photo Masks & Photoshop Elements Tutorial

So, have you seen what's headed for New England?

This is actually the standard model - two stations right now are predicting nearly 3 feet of snow. The last time we saw snow like this, I was 28 weeks pregnant with Austin, it was Christmas, and our flight to Disney was cancelled. Thankfully after some help with Southwest Airlines and Universal Orlando, we were able to get a new flight a day and a half later. I'm happy that we have absolutely no where we need to go this time, so we can curl up in front of the fireplace, play some board games, and watch the snow fall.

Anyway, the Blizzard (there's a Blizzard Warning in effect) inspired this week's freebie.


This is a set of 6 png files - 3 in 3x4 size, and 3 in 4x6 size. One of each size is perfect for tracing in your cut software and cutting out with your digital cutter:

This was cut with a Cricut Expression - I know Silhouettes tend to cut much cleaner. 

The other four files are meant to be used as photo masks:

There are two versions in each size - round corners (perfect for displaying digitally), and square corners (great for printing). 

The idea behind the masks is that you can add your favorite digital scrapbook paper behind the photo to peek through the letters. 

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the masks:

Open up the mask, your image, and your favorite digital paper.

Crop your image to 4x6 (or 3x4 based on which mask you're using). 

Drag your photo onto your mask.

Press the command (or, I believe, the control on a PC) key + G. 

Drag your paper onto the mask file, but move the paper layer under the others.

Merge layers (Layer/Merge Visible).

Now, if you're using the square corner mask, you can save your file as a jpg and you're done. If you're using the rounded corner mask like I am in my tutorial, you'll also need to do the following steps:

Grab your magic wand tool.

Click in the area around the photo and you'll get marching ants.

Press delete.

Now you can deselect, and save as a PNG (to maintain the transparency around the image). 

I hope some of you can make use of these! I'm hoping to get some good shots during or after the storm so that I can use one myself!

Happy Friday! Stay warm and safe, New Englanders!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your stuff. You are so generous. Thank you, too for the tutoria.

  2. I'll echo what Pam said and say thank you so much! Really appreciate the folks that are PhotoShop Savvy sharing with those of us that are not!

  3. Thanks for the freebie! We can always use "Snow Day" anytime in Alaska! Btw, LOVE his hat ;-) Stay warm!

  4. Thanks for this darling! We had Wicked snow come to Long Island luckily I was at the part of Long Island that got snow but not like the far end where cars got stuck in the highway and getting stuck in other places. I took my younger 2 kids into the backyard and will be using this fun overlay and include it in our Project Life thanks again.

  5. Thank you! Love this! And I am one of those that was in the "isolated 30+" inches area in Mass! We ended up with 2' of thankfully easy to move, fluffy snow!

  6. Fabulous. Thank You so much for sharing! P.S. cutest photo EVER.

    1. Oh, thank you! :) He is a cutey but I'm a bit biased :)

  7. Thank you very much for your wonderful freebies!! Your blog is beautiful!! I will come back! ;-))

  8. THANK YOU ;~} Im so glad this can be used with picture it (png)

  9. this is wonderful but i have a did you cut it with your cricut expression? I have an expression that i just recently got and have no idea how you would do you have a tutorial up for that and i missed it? thanks so much!!


    1. It can't be done with a new expression. You must have firmware 2.34 or below, an old copy of Make The Cut, and a PC. If you fit this criteria email me and I will tell you what I did to get it to work. It's not easy.