Cucumber Chips!

You all know how much I love my dehydrator?

I keep finding new things to dry in it! :) Last night, I was making up a healthy salad for lunch, and I sliced up a cucumber on my mandolin.

These turned out AMAZING.

They dried down to this super thin, super crispy, super salty (part cucumber/part my recipe) chips. Love them. Such a healthy snack, too!

So here's how I made them:

Peel your cucumber
Chop in half (for ease when using the mandolin)
Slice them on the medium slice setting on the mandolin, so they come out around 1/4 inch thick
Dip each slice in lemon juice (I have a big bottle in my fridge I keep around for this)
Place on trays in the dehydrator
I added a tiny sprinkle of lime sea salt & freshly ground pepper to each slice
Dry on veggie setting (135 degrees)
I let them dry for 12 hours

When you remove them from the tray, gently push them from underneath until they release from the tray - they're very thin and so they will break if you try to pull them off. I'm not sure if maybe you can use cooking spray on the dehydrator to prevent them from sticking? I haven't tried that. 

They taste salty, almost a little bit of a dill pickle flavoring. Really, a huge zing of flavor, and they are SO crispy. I may make these every night!

Oh, and I also dried some banana slices too (no picture to post). For those, I just peeled the banana, sliced 1/4 inch thick, and let dry on the same settings for the same time as the cukes (they went in together). With the banana, add the mesh tray insert before putting in your slices. They should be slightly chewy when they're done, and a caramel color. Store bought banana chips, I found out, are fried first, so that's why they're so hard. I MUCH prefer the home made ones!