52 Lists by Moorea Seal

I spotted a link on a tweet from Ali Edwards that sounded interesting, so I checked it out, and found a new project I'd like to try. (I know, I'm supposed to be limiting the number of projects I do this year but I just know this one is going to be worth it). The project is called "52 Lists." Each week, Moorea provides you a downloadable list PDF that you can print and write in your lists. She's only on week 6, so it would be pretty easy for you (read: me) to catch up. I love how positive and affirming the lists are, like listing things you should be proud of or the ways in which you could love others.

Head on over to Moorea's blog and check out this project. I'm excited to start! Oh! And it's free to do! (Which is awesome, because this is totally along the lines of a class you might pay for).

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