Freebie Friday: Free Printable Bow Templates

This week's freebie has a little back story. I was on a blog and spotted a super cute bow die set. Unfortunately, when I looked up the dies they were $50. Yikes! I figured I could cut a bow out of paper myself, so I drew up a template, gave it a shot, and it worked amazingly well.

Here's how to make your own paper bow:

I printed mine on the back of patterned paper. (Use paper, not card stock). You could use a pretty double sided paper, or you could print it on white card stock and cut the pieces out as templates for tracing onto paper.

And now you have a finished bow:

Use it as it is on a package, or add the tails for something extra fancy:

Super easy and super cute! DOWNLOAD LINK EXPIRED

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. This is so cute it hurts my face!

  2. Ok, I'm obsessed with this. I came back to see it again.
    I am gonna download this and try it right now.. yes, at work...
    don't judge me!

    1. You better send me a picture! And, no judging. I may or may not have drawn the template while at work.

    2. I did!
      All I could find was off-white paper. But still, SO CUTE.
      I made 2 and taped them my friend's office door.
      Instant Christmas!

    3. I haven't gotten them yet but probably because I have no service in here!

  3. Nice job Vegas girl, I had my eyes on this die too and just could not bring myself to buy it even when is was half off, thanks so much for sharing. I found this while pinning.