2013 Project Life Album Reveal (& A Freebie)

I spent last weekend pulling together {most of} the finishing touches on my 2013 Project Life album, which I had previously started telling you about here. I also prepared my cover page for the first album, and am excited to reveal it to you today.

As mentioned before, I cut the base of my own core kit from My Mind's Eye Dolled Up 6x6 paper stacks, which I found at Michaels. I bought four pads, because I knew I would want extra paper for 4x6 slots at some point, so I cut two of the stacks into "filler" cards.

If you cut each 6x6 sheet in half, (so you have two 3x6 inch sections), and then chop them down to 4 inches, you can make 48 cards out of a 24 sheet stack of paper.

I also printed out the digital version of the Seafoam Core Kit, which I thought coordinated nicely with the color scheme I chose as my base. For now I printed the filler cards three times each. I figure I can always print more if needed later.

I also made additional cards using the vertical orientation title cards from the Seafoam edition. I just chopped them down to 3x4 size. I thought they'd be good for adding an Instagram photo to, using the blank space as a caption.

For journaling cards, I've got the 3x4 grid cards, the lined backs of cards from various core kits (a bonus to those earlier core kits before they were printed with the filler designs on the back), Seafoam journalers, and my favorites from the Clementine and Cobalt Core Kits.

Now, for title cards, as I previously noted, I wanted to keep them consistent. I loved the idea of adding a calendar, so I made up these free printable calendars a few months ago. I used the leftover 2x3 inch sections from my MME patterned paper and created these:

I made the thickers myself using my Bigz alphabet dies, chipboard, and the grid cards. Here's my tutorial on how to make them.

How nice and simple do these look all together? Love!

I am using the White Signature Binders this year, which at the time of this post are on clearance at $14.99, but I imagine they may sell out soon once people use their Christmas cash :) I made up some binder labels for the spines:

Like these? They'll be released to you free on the blog this Friday. (In both printable and layered PSD form).

One other thing that will be added to my albums will be the Project Life monthly kits from Studio Calico.

 Image from StudioCalico.com.

Find out more about the monthly kit right here. I signed up right away when the announcement was made, and I received confirmation that I'll be receiving the January kit. I did this mostly for the stamp set (I'm a sucker for stamps), but I'm excited to incorporate some of the cards and embellishments into my album. The sneak peeks that have been coming out on Twitter and Instagram are so exciting!

So there you have it, my base 2013 kit. I don't want to be digging through all of my supplies this year. I want to be able to complete my layouts quickly, but still have them looking creative.

Some things to note: I'm working on making up a few journaling cards using some of the scraps of the filler paper, stamps, washi tape, and other coordinating supplies. I'll be using a few embellishments, some of my own digital brushes, and some cut files that I'll be releasing over the course of the year as well. But my goal is still creative simplicity. All of the supplies will be right at hand, and ready to go so I simply don't have to think. Just grab a journaling card and slip it in a pocket.

Alright, on to my 2013 cover page. (I know, you're on the edge of your seat!).

I used patterned paper from those MME stacks, a card from the Seafoam digital kit, and another card that I designed with the ampersand. I wanted the ampersand to tie in "Life" and "Laughter" from the photos.

For the ampersand I pulled up one of the Seafoam cards into Photoshop Elements, sampled the color, and then created a blank 3x4 file and typed in the symbol. I wanted it to run over the edges, so I enlarged it until I was satisfied and printed it. If you'd like it for your albums, you can download it free here

The 2013 tag was made with a Martha Stewart tag (found at Staples) and my Smash Date Stamp. I used Stampin' Up!'s Island Indigo ink color on that as well as the "hello" stamp on the pennant below. The pennants are die cut with Stampin' Up!'s Bitty Banners Framelits. "Hello" came from one of the stamps in the Teeny Tiny Wishes set.

I can't wait to start 2013! Have you prepared your 2013 album or cover page yet? Feel free to link up below:


  1. You've inspired me to print my cards instead of buying the seafoam kit. I already know there are some designs I wouldn't use from it so why not just print what I know I love? But dangggg...look how perfectly you cut those! I have a good paper trimmer, but I'm worried every card will be different by the time I'm done cutting them.

  2. oh i love it all together! it's such a great idea to make your own core kit using the 6x6 pads, and the colors coordinate so well with the seafoam kit. I'm planning to get a seafoam kit myself (and the matching binder; i used a white binder for 2012), and am looking forward to working from a kit for the first time, rather than just from my stash of papers. there isn't any sort of color coordination going on in my 2012 album, so working from a kit will be different. i love what you did with the title cards - i downloaded them when you posted them a while ago and am trying to figure out how i want to incorporate them into title pages, or maybe as 3x4 cards each week... i'm just not sure yet. but thank you so much for sharing - i'm so looking forward to getting started on my 2013 albums and this has got me so pumped. (once i finish and blog about 2012, of course, haha). :)

  3. You used components from the different sources together so nicely! This is the first year I'll have a core kit to work with. I bought the clementine but am considering getting the digital Seafoam so I can use bits and pieces. What kind of paper do you use when you print out?

  4. I just print on smooth bulk white card stock. I got this card stock in legal size on amazon, but I love Georgia pacific 110# weight for a heavier stock. I think this one was 80# maybe.

  5. love this! Great combination of colors and patterns.

    I bought the digital seafoam kit and now I think I may just use that instead of buying the physical kit as well. I guess I need to print it out to see how my printer does.

    Thanks for all your inspiration and freebies!

    1. Thank you! On my printer (from a Mac) I use the regular paper setting but with "fine" as the quality. And no color correction. Choosing photo quality on mine will produce banding on the solid colors. I print on bulk white smooth card stock. Oh, and my printer is an Epson Workforce 630, definitely not fancy!

  6. Thanks for letting me know about some of the printer details. I've been using high resolution paper but the finish on mine then makes it hard to write on. I'll try the cardstock, I just picked up a pack of smooth white. I didn't know that tip about photo quality, I've gotten the banding like you mentioned but wasn't sure why. Oh and I just bought two of the childhood kits that just were released on ACDigitals so I've got a lot of fun stuff to print out! Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration. I use the digital core kits also in coordinations with other papers. I went to look for the MME 6X6 pad but Michaels didn't have it BUT what I did find was a 12X12 recollations pad called Today . Tomorrow. Forever. It is almost identical. The only print I didn't see in the pad was the chevron. The best part...it was 50% off this week!! THanks again and Happy New Year!

  8. This looks great! I have a question about your calendars. I printed them (thanks for sharing!) and was going to do something similar as you for each week but my OCD must have taken over when I realized I would need two month printouts for some weeks. For example the week of Jan. 28 ends on Feb. 3. How are you handling that?

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      I'm just using one, I cross out my weeks in color if you can see in the picture, and I just start on those last days of January and cross over the blank spaces at the end of the week. Or the same if I start a month with a blank date. Not using two calendars. It's kind of the same deal with the scrapbook dividers. Gotta stick February somewhere so do you put it in the last week of January or first full week of February, know what I mean? Doesn't bother me!

  9. Love what you've done here combination-wise of old and new, pre-made and self-made. I wonder, though, because I've done it myself in other albums, if you might want to adjust where the chipboard number is from week to week on your title cards. Otherwise, I find I have an album that's "full" simply because the thickest element is layered over and over in one area. Just a thought. :)

    1. Yup! That's already occurred to me so ill probably move them around the various four spots in the left page of each spread. Thanks!

  10. I'm new to your blog. I purchased two of the MME Dolled Up stacks per your instructions. Very cute. I had decided on the Seafoam Edition before so that works and it came super quick once stocked. My cover is also done and a lot more. Similar like your cover, it features my two kids and our little dwarf rabbit.

    Unfortunately the Studio Calico Project Life Kit is sold out, however I am trying to order the February Kit when available. Trying not to accumulate too much "stuff" because I just want to keep it simple and clean, in a Ali Edwards kind of way.

    Thank you for your inspiration, instructions and freebies! Love everything :)

  11. How did you cut out everything? Did you have some kind of die cut or free hand? It looks soooo great!

    1. You mean the journaling cards? I use a paper trimmer and a corner rounder.

      You can get a pretty inexpensive paper trimmer pretty much anywhere, even on Amazon. I happen to have a X-Acto that's pretty pricy (a gift) and it's the guillotine style, so it can cut through chipboard too. And then a corner rounder, I like this Marvy one, which you can get at Michaels or online.


      WRMK is also coming out with a 3x4 punch in a few months that would do the work of the corner rounder and paper trimmer.

  12. Thanks for the idea for the weekly title cards! I'm definitely using it, and will give you all the credit for the inspiration.