100 Cards in 100 Days: Challenge Aborted

I am sorry to say, I have to end this personal challenge. Getting sick put me so far behind, and I've been struggling to catch up. With the holidays coming, and so many other things I want to be focusing on (hello baby album?), I have to officially call it quits. It's either that, or sacrifice time with my son to get caught up, and that's something I just can't bear to do.

I am happy to have started this, because it did allow me to use loads of stamps, tools, and papers, and it taught me to be creative with different card designs for each one. And I still plan to create cards and share them on the blog, of course. Just...at my own pace. :) All the challenge cards are here below, if you want to reminisce. :)

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Card 7

Card 8

Card 9

Card 10

Card 11

Card 12

Card 13

Card 14

Card 15

Card 16

Card 17

Card 18

Card 19

Card 20

Card 21

Card 22

Card 23

Card 24

Card 25

Card 26

Card 27

Card 28

Card 29

Card 30

Card 31

Card 32

Card 33

Card 34

Card 35

Card 36

Card 37

Card 38

Card 39

Card 40

Card 41

Card 42

Card 43

Card 44

Card 45

Card 46

Card 47

Card 48

Card 49

Card 50

Card 51

Card 52

Card 53

Card 54

Card 55

Card 56

Card 57

Card 58

Card 59

Card 60

Card 61

Card 62

Card 63

Card 64

Card 65

Card 66


  1. Ok, 100 days or not... this is damn impressive!!
    I don't blame you for calling it quits.. what a commitment.. I can't believe how beautiful all these are though. And I just love seeing them all lined up together! :-)

  2. I think it's amazing you made it to 66! I've loved seeing all your cards and while I'll be sad not to see them on a regular basis anymore, sometimes the best part of a challenge is knowing when to quit. After all, spending time with your little guy (and big guy) is always priority number one.

    1. Definitely. I posted this before Friday's tragedy, too, and that just reinforced my decision to spend more time with my son and family.

  3. You made 66 gorgeous, painstakingly crafted cards. I'd count that as a win by all measures!

  4. 66 handmade cards is still pretty impressive!