Project Life 2012: Week 46

Welcome to Project Life 2012, week forty-six.

With this week, I've solidified my decision to revert back to doing this simply. I didn't even include any embellishments this week. I'm still sticking with my 2013 plan, but as I mentioned there, the layouts will be (mostly) the same each week. I'm building a kit with those 6x6 pads and more than likely, Becky's Seafoam Edition (I think I'm going to get this digitally so I can print what I need), but the goal is to keep it simple. I feel so much less pressure now to put out this super creative layout than I did 6 months ago when I was struggling to keep up with everyone else.

Here's what my layout looks like this week:

And a closeup of page 1:

The larger photos on this page are all from Britt's baby shower last weekend. I also added in a photo of Austin after he climbed up on the couch by himself for the first time.

Page 2:

A couple of collage photos, one of Austin from the bath that I just adore, and another of the cat and dog staring each other down. Lots of journaling (for me) and another one of the Cobalt filler cards.

I just love having the filler cards on hand - I'll need to figure out how I want to do those next year. They're so handy when you have a space to fill but nothing to write.

This week I had a small insert:

This was the thank you card sweet Britt wrote to me thanking me for all the help with the shower and the baby clothes I've passed along. I thought that was so nice of her, and I love the layout of this card (am going to have to do something like that), so I included it. Here's what the layout looks like with the insert:

That's it for this week!

I'm on a little "staycation" this week, so my posts are going to be a little random with the timing. I hope everyone that celebrates it has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday. :) Last year on Thanksgiving, Austin crawled for the first time. This year he'll be walking, talking, and chowing down the food. Cannot wait!

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  1. Love your black dress! I really like how you included that photo of your kitchen too. Thanks for sharing your week with us Melissa.