Project Life 2012: Week 44

This week was a bit crazy. We had a hurricane, Halloween, and celebrated a special birthday!

As you can see I included some art that Austin made at daycare. I love the leaves, and I wanted to save them. I stuck them inside a page protector, and sealed the top with a strip of white paper tape (from Walgreens - also good for stamping your own washi tape).

A closer look at the first page:

On the wall at daycare was some art from Austin and a picture of him creating it. I grabbed a snapshot of it on my cell phone and included in this week's spread.

We were hit with Hurricane Sandy this week (though we fared very well - we didn't even lose power, though my work did for two days). I can't imagine what the hard hit areas are going through right now. I was very thankful that around here, it was not that bad. I included a screenshot from a news article about Sandy.

A peek at page two:

I included a shot of Austin on Halloween (his first time Trick or Treating...if you want to call it that). I also added a silly video of him saying a bunch of words that he knows (I can't count, but I think he's up to 50 or 60 now, he knows a majority of the alphabet, and some colors, too! And he can string a few phrases together - "how are you" and "mum in there"). I want to record all of these because his voice sounds so cute, so I added the QR code for the video to my album.

We also celebrated my best friend Shannon's birthday this week. I took her to the Capital Grille on Friday night (hello Fancy Town). I added a card from the take home bag to my layout, and a picture of us that they took and printed for us.

What a busy week!

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  1. I love it when I make it into the book! :-)
    My birthday dinner was phenomenal, and I can't thank you enough for it! I am still dreaming of that spicy calamari! Mmm!

    I had a viewing party at work to watch the video of Austin saying all those words... you've never heard so many lady squeals of delight at once!