Project Life 2012: Week 43

Another incredibly simple layout, but filled with gorgeous photos.

We had a little photo shoot with Austin in his Halloween costume, so I included a bunch of my favorites from that day.

Here's a closer peek at page one:

Along with the shots of Austin, I have a couple of Instagram pictures showing off our Halloween mantel and a work outing.

On to page two:

I didn't have too many photos for this half of the week, so the bottom two are also from our photo shoot day.

And I included two videos of Austin eating - one where he's using both hands/two utensils, and another where he's eating a whole apple. I gave him one and he ate it like he's been eating them forever, and come to find out it was his very first whole apple. He LOVES them. I thought for sure daycare or my mom had seen this first but I was so thankful to be able to be the first one to see it. I miss a lot of firsts having him in daycare all day while I'm working. 

Today I'm going to link up to The Mom Creative, so make sure you stop over and check out all the other spreads!


  1. Love the QR codes on the pics! I can't wait to try that! I am really loving your blog. All the freebies are super awesome!

  2. Love the Halloween costume photos. SO cute.

  3. Cool fruit bouquet ! Great everyday photos with the special ones mixed in. Thanks for sharing your week with us.