Project Life 2012: Week 42

This past weekend I caught up with Project Life! I found it really hard to get back into the routine of doing my layouts on Sundays when we got back from vacation. Things just seem really busy at home right now (and with the holidays coming are only going to get busier). I kept things simple - using the Clementine Core Kit and no embellishments, and completed three weeks in only a few hours. I'll be sharing week 42 today, 43 tomorrow, and 44 on Wednesday.

Here is my full spread for week 42:

Let's take a peek at the first page:

I received Austin's school pictures back, so I printed a copy (I'd purchased them) for my album. They were portrait orientation, so I took my favorite one and cropped it to 6x8, then cut it in half, and the bottom half in half again, so it would fit in the 3 pockets in the top right.

I also included a screenshot of a news article about the earthquake I felt, and my tweet that evening:

Here's a look at page two:

We went to a pumpkin fair with The Castners, so I added in a photo of Austin getting his face painted with a ghost, and one of the boys on the bumpy slide (which Austin LOVED). I have a video of Austin on this slide but forgot to upload it to YouTube so that I could print a QR code - I'll be adding that later.

Love that photo of Austin showing his sister his Summer 2012 photo board book that I made him using extra Project Life supplies. He adores that album - we keep it on a shelf in the living room and he'll ask for it. He spends several minutes flipping through the pages, pointing out different pictures, and then he asks to put it back. It's so cute!

Feels so good to be all caught up. :) Another layout tomorrow!


  1. It must have been painful actually cutting that photo of Austin! :-)
    I love how it looks!
    I really love this spread, and omg Austin & Cam on the slide?! SO stinkin cute!

    1. Oh my gosh I know! Love the pic of the two of them together.