Photoshop Elements 11 on sale for 49.99!

Any Project Lifers out there who haven't taken the plunge to get PSE yet, now is a great time! (Pass the deal along to a friend or spouse to pick it up for you for the holidays, maybe?).

PSE 11 is currently on sale on Amazon for just $49.99! And I'm pretty sure there's a $20 coupon for Shutterfly inside that box, too, which makes it really just $29.99.

How's that for a steal?!


  1. I saw this earlier today and this price is pretty exciting but I am on the fence about it. I currently use PSE 6 and don't know if I should update.

    1. Hmmm, I'd do a comparison between the two versions. I know 11 allows for easy install of actions and things like typing on a path. I use 9 and just got photoshop cs6 so I won't upgrade mine but you might want to at this price!