Photographing cards

I used to photograph my cards inside a light tent, or in natural daylight. But with my 100 Cards project I'm finding myself taking photos at night, often, and I don't have the room or the time to set up a light tent for every card.

I found a simple way to take the pictures that looks nice (maybe not as professional as others out there, but it does the trick) and just wanted to pass along what I do.

Here's my set up:

That's it. (Of course, there's a card in front of the patterned paper when I'm actually shooting). I use two table desk lamps (super cheap at Target - maybe $15 each?), and each has an OttLight light bulb (from Lowe's).

I clipped the patterned paper to a binder at first, and now it's clipped to a piece of foam posterboard. I just change out the paper to coordinate with the card.

I take two pictures ( a full view and a closeup), open them in PSE, and crop & adjust the exposure as necessary.

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