Freebie Week: Thankful Template & Printables

Last day of Freebie Week here on the blog (so sad).

This freebie comes with a layered PSD file - you can edit the fonts and text as you like, as well as a PNG version (you can open in most programs and simply type in your journaling), and five printable JPG files, in black, gray, red, orange, and green (good fall colors).

When you open the layered PSD in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you'll see three layers - the outline, the "Today I Am Thankful" text box and the journaling text box. Just choose your text tool and click on those layers to change the font, the size, and the text. When you're done editing, you can merge the layers, select (I do this by holding the command button on my Mac while clicking on the layer) and fill with the color of your choice. You can do the same thing with the PNG file.

On this example below, I filled with white and then reduced the opacity to 70% because I liked the way it produced a softer look.

These are 3x4 in size, perfect for the smaller Project Life pockets. It would be lovely to do one of these for each day leading up to Thanksgiving, or perhaps just a special spread for Thanksgiving by itself.


Back to catching up on Project Life for me - I should have at least 2, probably 3 layouts to share with you after the weekend. :)


  1. This is so perfect! Thanks so much for all the freebies :)

  2. Such a good thing to remember to be thankful each day! Thank you for this!

  3. Thank you for this. Just wondering if you would mind sharing what font you used for the journaling?

    1. Hi Susy,

      That's Copperplate, one of my favorites:

      It came with Photoshop Elements, I think. (Or my Mac but a google search seems to show me you can buy it from Adobe). Looks like you need to purchase it, it's not free.

    2. Ah, it came with Mac, not PSE.