December Daily? :)

I just had to share with you these gorgeous overlays and journaling cards from Ali Edwards made with December Daily in mind.

I have been thinking about whether to do a December Daily ever since I missed the boat last year. Ali kind of decided for me when she produced 4x6 sized overlays and 3x4 journaling cards. I don't need to do a separate album (a project I really don't have the time to take on right now). I'm going to use these right in my regular Project Life album for December. I'll add the overlays to my photos and use the journaling cards instead of my usual journaling cards. Easy, beautiful, and fun! :)

Are any of you doing a December Daily?


  1. I think I will be doing the same thing.. Using Ali's designs within my PL week.

  2. That sounds like a great idea to merge the two projects together! I am doing a December Daily this year for the first time, but I decided to not start my project life album until January 1st because I wanted it to be a complete year & I already had an album going for this year. So I might need to copy your idea for next year because I doubt I will want a December Daily album at the same time as project life :)