Project Life 2012: Weeks 40 & 41

I'm sorry that the pictures are so dark this week, I had to take my photos at night.

I did a two week spread for the weeks surrounding our Disney trip, rather than split the trip in half. I made the Disney sections smaller, so they were like inserts, but there are a lot of them. Also, I am making a photo book with most of the pictures from our trip, so I only needed to include a select few favorites in this spread. It took me about a week to pull together, so by the time I was wrapping it up Sunday I just wanted to get it done. I am really, really looking forward to having a consistent, easy to pull together layout next year.

Anyway, there are a bunch of photos so I'm just going to roll through them with my comments after each.

This is the full layout, including all of the inserts. (I didn't take a shot without them since the inserts are the essence of my layout this time).

The first page. This was the start of the week we left for Disney. Austin had his 18 month checkup, so I wrote a 4x6 journaling card about the appointment, his stats, and everything he's been doing at 18 months old. I included a screenshot of a tweet about Austin, and some random photos like one of me organizing my project life supplies for next year.

This is the start of the inserts. I used one of the new page protectors and printed out 3 instagrams from the first night.

The first day was Magic Kingdom. In this and the other inserts, I cut a 3x4 section of park map as my title for the day. I added in one of our bracelets from the Halloween party, a bifold journaling card all about that first day, and this:

It's a few of Austin's baby curls, saved from his first haircut. I actually split his hair into three sections - some I saved in our fireproof safe, and some was given to my mom to add to her locket.

The back of the Magic Kingdom insert was our day at Animal Kingdom.

Another insert with Austin's haircut certificate.

The back of the certificate insert has a picture of us at Cinderella's castle. And the next insert is pictures and journaling from the Art of Animation resort.

More pictures from the resort, and a smaller insert (cut from a baseball card sized page protector) with pictures and journaling from Halloween Horror Nights.

The back of the Horror Nights insert, and a small little 4x6 sleeve holding the Food & Wine Festival passport.

I stuck our key cards in the back of that 4x6 sleeve, and the next insert are pictures from Epcot.

 The back of the Epcot insert, which has pictures and a QR code for a video from Downtown Disney.

The other half of my two week spread - the end of the week we came back. I included scans of some artwork that daycare gave me, and some of my fall foliage photos.

I'm glad to have this layout done, even if it isn't anything overly creative. It was a big stress point for me because there were just so many photos.

I'll be linking up to The Mom Creative, so make sure you check out everyone's layouts over there!


  1. Wow! So great! love the little lock of hair :)

  2. Love how you did the Disney trip as inserts so cool. Thanks for sharing your week Melissa.

  3. I love all your inserts! Looks like it was a really amazing fun to get his first haircut at Disney!!