Misc Disney pics

Only one more post after this (my review/pics of the resort).

This is Animal Kingdom, swimming at the resort, and some other random pics from the trip.

I made a GIF of one of the elephants eating.

I sent my mom on the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. The two times I went on it, I was so scared that the picture of me from the ride I was ducking. Unfortunately, everyone said that they've toned the ride down and it's not so loud and scary. What a bummer. I wanted to see my mom super freaked!

Austin only fussed twice during the whole trip. Once was for about ten seconds when we had to pull him away from brushing this pig. He just loved this pig. We kept trying to show him the other animals, even another pig, but he wanted this one. :)

Then he tried to step on it. (We caught him before he did, of course).  

Austin loved the "BIG BAPF" at the hotel, and the fountain sprayground.

The one and only picture I took of the Epcot World Showcase (Japan). We came for the Food & Wine Festival, and I just felt like hanging with my family and having fun. (And drinking and eating my way through 30 countries). We had so much fun that day, taking out my camera never crossed my mind.

On our last day we hit downtown Disney. Austin spotted these Mickey and Minnie statues at the Pin Traders, and he demanded to be allowed to go sit next to them and give them hugs. He thought they were real!

Ok, I promise, just one more post coming. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your memory... and about the new resort.. I'm looking to go again next year and might have to try this resort out.. Thanks for your review.. I'm glad everything worked out for you and family in the end!

  2. It's good to set down your camera and be present and enjoy yourself from time to time! We never made it to Downtown Disney this last time, I always like going so I hope we do next time.