Inexpensive Ink Pad Storage

You know I love the flea market. It's the perfect place to pick up craft supplies, stamps, and storage solutions for a really cheap price. You may remember my 33 cent Project Life storage? Well, here is my $2 ink pad storage.

I had been looking for a cassette holder similar to the one I used for my Project Life cards, but even though every week there's been some, I couldn't find one this time. So I grabbed this $2 old CD rack and knew I could figure something out.

I measured the width and depth of the slots, and cut some thick chipboard to size with my X-ACTO trimmer, which is heavy duty and can cut through super thick chipboard like butter. (Can I just stop and mention that I found a second, brand new one of these at the flea market last year for just $8? I'm saving it as a backup, just in case, because I love this trimmer and they are SO expensive new).

This thick chipboard makes perfect shelves for the slots. I used every other one - the thickness of a CD is just a bit too thin for the ink pads.

I was able to fit 18 pads into my storage, which was perfect for the Stampin' Up! pads I currently own, my Close To My Heart pads, and my Memento pads, along with my StazOn ink. 

What a great, inexpensive way to store my ink pads :) I'm going to be on the lookout for another one next year, for additional storage that I know I'll eventually need.


  1. I soooo love this. I can't believe how perfect they fit, how neat they look, and how somehow, it doesn't look like an old CD rack.

    You need to have your own tv show.. I'mma call it : Flea Market to Fabulous

  2. You must have awesome flea markets around you. I never find anything good around here!

    1. We do! :) I have one in particular that I visit every Sunday that I can. (Hollis, NH). That one has been open as long as I can remember. My mom used to take me with her in a little wagon back when I was just a year or two old.

      This flea market is like a giant yard sale every week, I love that. I've been to ones down in Florida and those all seem to be a) open all week and b) have regular vendors like jewelry shops, tshirt shops, etc. I love that this flea market is different each week. You never know what you'll find. Great prices and really fun to look around.

      I won't be able to go any more this year, will have to wait until they open again next April. It'll be a long winter! :)

  3. I was just looking for a way to store my ink pads and ran onto your sit.... Thanks so much for posting this... I already have an old cd holder that I've been wanting to get rid of and went and tried it with my things and it works great... I'd love to have the nice fancey ones that are sold for this but just cant see spending 50 bucks right now.
    Thanks again for your post!