Fall Foliage

Today I went out for a bit in search of some local fall foliage. I love the fall season. I love the colors in the leaves, I love the cool, dry air (not that we've gotten that much of it lately), and I love pumpkins and apple cider and hardy mums.

We have a soccer field and hiking trail area not too far away, so I grabbed Sadie (always willing to take a walk with me) and my camera and set off to find some color.

There's a good sized pond right next to the field, and the trees surrounding it were super pretty, so I stopped there first.

I took Sadie up past the soccer field and the playground, to the edge of the hiking trails.

Took in the pretty red leaves.

Not wanting to venture too far into the woods by myself, I headed back out, and of course grabbed another shot of the pond.

On the way back out, I spotted a swan and some black and white geese. I had no idea there was a swan in this pond!

After I returned home, I noticed that the tree in front of our house had started to turn. It was looking really pretty in the setting sun, so I grabbed a few shot of that, too.

I love when you can see the color change in the leaves - the tips all red with green at the root. 

What a beautiful day for some beautiful leaf peeping :)


  1. Nice photos Melissa , we don't get much autumn colour changes here only a tree or two... Wish we had the beautiful foliage.

    1. I just love the colors so much. Fall is my favorite season up here in New England. Someday I want to live in Vegas and I know I won't get the colorful trees we get here.

  2. That is really beautiful. We have that here, too, in Germany. I love sitting on our porch and watching the trees and like in your photos, all the beautifull colors of the leaves, esp. when lit by the sunlight... Who would trade that for Vegas. ;)
    Jule {inside9B}

  3. So pretty! what trail is this?