Disney photos (Pro Pics)

I'm sorry to break these up into so many posts, but I had over 1200 pictures (that I narrowed down to 197 to use in some form-no they won't all be posted on the blog), so it makes more sense to split them up. That, and I'm editing in batches. I have a bunch of photos of the resort that will make up one post, along with my review, and magic kingdom was a huge day for pics).

This round are the best of professional Disney photos. They all were taken by Disney photographers - the watermark I've put on here is just for this blog, I am not claiming to own them beyond the release Disney gave me when I purchased the digital downloads.

From left to right: me, Brad, Austin (face blocked by Summer), my mom, my brother Brian, my sister, Heather, and her boyfriend, Scott.

Summer did the Pirate's League and chose to be made up as a mermaid. They did a wonderful job with the makeup, even using a stencil to add scales. 

After the thunderstorms had died down.

From Mickey's Halloween party. I swear, Brad is wet from the rain and carrying a wet Austin. Those are not sweat stains ;)

We hadn't done any character photos, but on day 4 we were at Epcot and Austin spotted Donald. He made a beeline for him and gave him love and kisses. It was adorable, and all the people around us were all going "awwww." 

After he did so well with Donald, we waited 45 minutes (!) to meet up with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy at the character spot. 

His belly is always sticking out! He's got an outie belly button (I am not sure if this will fix itself - our pediatrician said after something like 5 years there's a procedure to fix it but I don't know if I want him to go through that if it's just cosmetic. I guess I'll have to research it). 

Pluto was mad at me because I accidentally called him Goofy. He was holding up his name tag to show me that I was wrong!

He played patty cake (Pat-a-Cake?) with this Donald. 

Check out that smile!

We had lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table on the first day. 

And just a little bonus photo, from our 2010 trip - when Austin was in my belly :)


  1. Austin has NO fear! These are so darling.

  2. I love the pictures the Disney photographers get, while not always the best, they are good for whole group photos. Plus, we like to add the cool borders and extras. I've gotten the photo cd the past two times and am so glad.

    1. Summer is actually my step daughter (the mermaid). :)

      Thanks! We love the barber shop...you need to make an appt now though because its gotten more popular lately. It's right on Main Street!

      I wasn't "thrilled" with the Disney pics but you're right. You need them for the full group pics. I don't know that I'd purchase it again, to be perfectly honest...at least next time I wouldn't order it until I saw the pics, even if its cheaper to pre order.