Weekend Recap

This weekend was fairly well packed, but quite awesome.

First up, Friday night I had a little date night with Shannon. I took her for a ride in my new car and we picked up some frozen yogurt at a new little place in the center of my town.

I think I dumped about 2 dozen cherries in mine, along with lots of chocolate toppings (PB cups, rolos, you name it), and of course, gummy worms! Next time I might just get a cup of toppings.

Saturday, I had my first gig as a photographer's assistant.

My wedding photographer asked me to join her for a wedding in Gloucester, MA. I learned so much about lighting and camera settings for shooting indoors. I really enjoyed myself. I took a few photos (I should be getting the images and will show them to you when I do if they're any good), and mostly just held her lights, but it was an awesome time.

And then Sunday, I just spent with Austin.

We went to Target and to Michael's and watched the Patriots game (which they lost due to a missed field goal but really, they had no business winning because they played like crap). We planned our meals for the week and I hit the grocery store during the first quarter. Brad made up some yummy steak tips for dinner with some grilled garlic bread, and mostly I just relaxed. :)

Back to work today!


  1. I know I already said it.. but I just LOVE this pic of Austin :-)
    His little face KILLS ME WITH CUTE!

  2. That fro yo looks delish! What is the name of the place? There is a new one on summer street in Chelmsford called Sweet Kiwi Fro Yo, haven't checked it out yet.

    Beautiful wedding shot, what beach was that?

    And Austin's little smile is just adorable! :-)

    1. Sweet Liberty is the frozen yogurt place :)

      That was at Good Harbor, I think it was called, in Gloucester.

      :) He kills me with his cuteness!

  3. Love the look of the lollies.. Oh wait frozen yogurt :) looks exactly like I would like it ! That's so cool you got to be a second shooter/ assistant at the wedding.