Smolak Farms

Today we visited Smolak Farms for a day of apple picking and fall fun.  Austin turns 18 months this week and I thought I'd use the opportunity to do a bit of a photo shoot. Unfortunately it was really overcast and a bit foggy, and most of my pictures came out on the cool side. I'd had a warmer feeling in mind, so I processed all the images with The CoffeeShop Blog's Soft Autumn Glow action in PSE. I turned off the glow and color mute layers, and reduced the opacity of the contrast and golden tones layer quite a bit (mostly 20% contrast and 30% golden tones).

We started off on their playground. They have a little play area for the kids, and a bunch of animals, including deer.

Austin was able to get his face painted, too. He didn't sit still for long, and it got a little smudged, but for a short time he had a cute little pumpkin on his face.

Summer took Austin on a wagon ride around the grounds, which was absolutely adorable.

We headed over to the pumpkin patch for a bit, and let Austin run around in the "balls" as he called them.

And then of course we picked a bag of apples.

One last stop by the pumpkin tree and to the store to pick up some apple cider donuts and mini pumpkins and we headed home. Austin was exhausted, and fell asleep pretty quickly.


  1. Amazing photos, looks like a great day.

  2. omg! Omg! These pictures are so cute. (Stop making me want a boy Melissa, not fair!)