Review: Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist

I had the opportunity to try out this Glade air freshener and wanted to pass along my thoughts.

I'm a fan of Glade products - I use their scented oil plugins and some of their room freshening sprays as well. The Glade Expressions is actually a refillable container, which is...odd, to me.

I'm not sure I understand it, to be honest. At first, I figured that the refills must be cheaper than buying a brand new air freshener each month, but they're not. The refills were twice the price of a regular Glade spray. Then I figured, the container that you keep and refill must be decorative, right? Not really. It is plain white once you remove the wrapper, but there's nothing decorative about it. I suppose it blends in with every room?

The refill is recyclable. The plastic holder is not currently recycleable in most places, though there is a note on the bottle that they're working to get this kind of  plastic recyclable in more countries.

In any case, it smells nice, (I bought the Cotton & Italian Mandarin scent), but it lasts no longer than any other air freshener can. Now that I have it, I'll stock up on refills when they are on sale but given the choice, I'd choose the regular, non refillable Glade spray over this one due to price alone.

Disclosure: I'm a BzzAgent, and was provided a product sample to review. The statements and opinions in this review are 100% my own.


  1. I got an invite to that campaign too but didn't respond in time and was kinda bummed, now not so much. Maybe the refillable container what's "green" about it? You don't keep getting big pieces of plastic each time?

    1. Hmm, maybe. Most cans are aluminum anyway but I think the spray part is plastic, so could be.