Project Life 2012: Week 37

Welcome to Project Life 2012, week 37.

After a lot of thought, I decided to go back to rounding my corners (which allows me to use kit items without having to find a background paper to attach it to so my corners are squared off). Just by making this one decision, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I could use the kit, get my week pulled together, and then go back and add in a few extras without feeling this incredible stress to have each pocket be unique. I kept it simple, and you know what? I think it looks great!

Here's my full spread:

This week I used more full sized photos and less of the squared off Instagrams. This also made doing my layout quicker, as I could just slide in a photo and be done. 

Here's page 1:

I included a bunch of pictures of Austin, one of my new haircut, and a small photo to remember September 11th. I used the Clementine kit this week, and included two of the filler cards.

For the title card, I chopped up two of the Clementine title cards, added some Amy Tangerine thickers, and stamped the date with my Smash stamp. I used one of my Stampin' Up! punches to add a little tab along the side of the 9/11 photo.

Page 2:

A picture and the key tag from my new car, an Instax photo of Shannon from Friday night, and some pictures and the venue business card from the wedding I worked at this past weekend.

Most of Austin's artwork from daycare is in a storage box because it's quite large, but this little hand print crab fit perfectly in a pocket, so I just added a 4x6 piece of the Clementine card stock behind it.

I printed my pictures at home this week. I have been having some issues with Walgreens lately, so I went back to printing at home. After over a year with my printer, I have FINALLY figured out the proper setting for printing photos (my Epson/Mac combination tries to do a color correction which ends up washing out my prints - turning that off gave me beautiful images). I am going to roll with printing at home for awhile. Large batches I will still be running through Shutterfly or CVS, of course, but the weekly prints I think can be managed from home. This also gives me more flexibility.

I loved keeping this week simple with a few extra touches like washi tape, thickers, and the Instax print. I was able to get my entire week done in about two hours (from uploading pictures to finishing the spread), which is much more reasonable than what was ending up to be an entire day before. I plan to keep with the rounded corners, and I am still going to plan on making my own kit next year that I can use every week. (I have a lot of extras from the other four kits that I'll probably continue to incorporate next year as well). I'm also most likely going to buy the Seafoam digital journaling cards for some more options.

A few of the photos included in my layout:

I'm linking up to The Mom Creative, as usual! Please go and check out everyone else's layouts!

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  1. I go back and forth with the rounded/square corners. Right now I'm choosing the lazy way out and mixing them - mostly because I had a huge catch up to do. Yours looks so much more tidy!

    1. Thank you. I am sure I'll have a period of "I want square corners again!" at some point, but I'm going to try to stick with this for a bit and see how it goes. I really think that trying to square everything off from me was causing me too much stress.

  2. Fabulous pages. I love the simple and bright look... Looks like a great week!

    Marla @

  3. It looks great, I like the rounded corners! I really need to get "caught" up (aka re-start) doing PJL again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Your photos are beautiful and I love how clean and simple your spread looks. It must feel nice to have decided to just go back to round corners once and for all. :)
    Ronnie xo

  5. Love the addition of that crab handprint. So cute. Your layout is beautiful!

  6. Glad that you came to a solution that worked for you... I love the rounded corners and your layout this week too :) so nice to include the little personal touches whilst making it less stressful for you. Hugs.

  7. Love the simple look! And I love the hand print crab!

  8. Every week I say I'm not going to take the time to round the corners, but the perfectionist in me just can't do it. So I end up rounding them all. I love your layout this week.