Project Life 2012: Week 36

Welcome to Project Life 2012, Week 36. Sorry I was a few days late this week. I finished this up late Tuesday night and didn't get a chance to photograph it until yesterday. Then I got my new car, and, well, everything else got pushed aside while I played! :)

Is anyone else feeling a tad overwhelmed with Project Life? I love it, and I love having these memories to look back on, but I'm finding it...a lot of work. I can't just keep it simple and slip in the journaling cards and photos and move on. I want to put in embellishments. I feel tremendous pressure to be creative, to compete with the best of Becky's creative team. Anyone else feel this way? I think next year I'm really going to have to change it up. I'm going to be using my own kit and designs, so perhaps I need to create cards that I truly can just slide into the page and be happy with them. I don't want this to continue taking me several hours a week, but I also don't want to not have these memories documented. Maybe I even need to swap to a bi-weekly or monthly style. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, here's this week's full spread:

I used my Journal Builders journaling cards for the majority of my layout. I love that I can use them for journaling or just adding some photos on top. They're simple and I like the color theme. (But someone requested some feminine colors, so those will come soon!).

Here's a closeup of page 1:

This week was fairly low key. I included a photo of the Cricut Expression I picked up at the flea market for just $30 (with a basic cartridge and a deep cut blade), a video of Austin as he learns his letters (he can recognize every letter of the alphabet now, and say about half of them), and then some everyday photos I took with my iPhone. In fact this whole week used iPhone photos.

Page 2:

A video of Austin eating spaghetti a la Lady and the Tramp, a photo of him running away from me after a bath (totally blurry but I loved it), one I snapped at daycare of him playing on the steps of the slide unaware that I'd come to pick him up. I also documented our family movie night to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX and buying our new car.

Two highlights:

For the title card, I took a paper heart doily that my mom gave me (she gave me a HUGE stack of these and I hadn't used them yet) and sponged it with Stampin' Up!'s Baja Breeze and Memento's Desert Sand inks. I used my Smash date stamp for the date range and attached one of my letterpress week number freebies with my Tiny Attacher. Cut off part of a Clementine journaling card and made it a little pennant. The paper is from Jillybean Soup. (All links to products are at the bottom of the post).

This was one of my Journal Builders cards. I just cut off part of a Cobalt journaling card, rounded the other corner, and stapled it on with my Tiny Attacher. Perfect card for putting the week's highlights!

That's it! I'm going to go ahead and link up to The Mom Creative even though I'm late!


  1. I actually posted late as well & this week. Not finding it overwhelming I love PL makes me so happy!

  2. Ok next time you go the flea market buy me a cricut at that price...i am good for the money just not the full price one...i live in California and our flea markets are over priced and far and few between...

    1. Haha, I have the best flea market up here. :) I've been to some in Florida and they are not the same. This one is like a giant yard sale every weekend, you never know what you'll find! ;)

  3. Yes I can understand the pressure feeling (I try to remember a lot of them are professional graphic designers or full time artists who design photograph write for a I shouldn't compare too much) I know you said you might do it next year but what if you do some pre-made cards now maybe enough for a couple per week til the end of 2012? So all you need to do is grab one add a photo or journaling ? Or maybe do more of it digitally? Loved that you used your new blue cards this week. Keep that chin up... You are doing great!

    1. If only I had the time to do cards this year, haha!

      I think I may have to relent and accept the rounded corner format again after all. I think trying to keep them square is making it harder, because when I want to use a kit card, I have to put paper behind it so that the corners are square. Or I need to learn to be ok with using a mix of square and round.

      It's just so hard to figure out what it is I really want. Do I want simplicity, or creativity? Do I want to use something pre-designed and call it done, or do my own stuff?

      I do know, I don't want this to take as long as it does. So I have to figure SOMETHING out.

  4. I know what you mean about PL, I try not to compare too much but it's even hard to not feel down about my pages sometimes when I see what others are doing on theirs and they aren't even on the DT. My thing about doing PL bare bones is that, in my opinion, then it's just a glorified photo album. I know I would not be happy with it if I didn't add some touches here and there. While I find PL taking more time then I expected, if I think about how much time and effort it would take to make scrapbook pages for each memory then I am way ahead.

  5. You know my thoughts on feeling overwhelmed with PL.
    But I definitely think it's okay to keep it simple some weeks that are busier/more overwhelming and get more creative when you have the extra time to play around. I guess the important thing I always try to look at is as long as it's documented in some way then I'm happy. :-)

  6. :) so know the feeling of having no time to get anything done with littlees around.