New ride!

Only a stock picture for now, will have a full post when I pick it up in a few days, but NEW CAR OMG.

2012 Rav4 Sport V6, in that gorgeous RED. Oh sweeeeet red.

Guys, you have no idea. I owned a 2004 red Corolla Sport and traded for a Silver Rav4 a couple of years later, and I have missed that red Corolla pretty much for the past 7 years. This is my dream car. (I know that sounds silly, when usually people's dream cars are like, Corvette's or Porche's or something, but it's true).

I'll post pictures and all about it in a couple of days! Eeek! :)


  1. Love the colour, I loved my corolla hatch too I never wanted a super fancy either. Now I have a people mover; Renault megane grand scenic 7 seater it's great just not as zippy. Have fun when it arrives!

  2. Wow! Is that a three row car? I am hoping to upgrade to a larger car next year. Now that we have two kids there just isn't enough room in my Chevy Malibu and I'd also like the option of being able to pick up my six year old and a friend while also having the baby with me. Hence the need for an optional third row.

    1. It comes with two rows but there is an optional 3rd row seat if I wanted it. I don't need it and prefer the trunk space so I'm not getting that.

  3. Ours has 3 rows but the two back seats fold completely flat in our boot (trunk?) . So we only use them if the grandparents are visiting from interstate. So normally I just have a great big space to fill with bikes and school bags :)