Instagram Mini Albums

I made a few of these in different themes last fall and put them away for a bit after my shows. I've just re-listed them on Etsy at a lower price, if anyone is interested.

You can click here to see what's currently available. I have an additional baby boy album and a wedding album that aren't listed, if you happen to be interested in either of those themes shoot me a message through Etsy and I'll send you some pictures of those.

These are 4x4 in size, and the photo mats are 3.25x3.25, so they're great for 3x3 Instagram photos. These would be a nice gift idea to fill with a few of your favorites ;) And the work is already done for you, just insert your photos and done!


  1. these are lovely, Melissa! Is the school bus mini album still available?

  2. Yup just click the link to go to my Etsy shop :) there's two of those right now.