Why (and how) I fast

Awhile back, my brother participated in the Master Cleanse. You can read about this cleanse here.

I opted to try this, but for a few days, and no salt water flush. I also changed the recipe slightly.

When Brad and I did it for the first time, we both dropped a decent amount of weight after just two days within a week on it. (9 pounds for him, 5 for me). What I loved was it dramatically reduced my appetite, and got rid of the bloat I was feeling. All without having to do a flush (which sounds disgusting, if I could offer my opinion).

After that initial attempt, I reverted back to eating more than I should again, and so a few weeks ago, I did a two day fast again, to jump start my weight loss program. I went into it with the mental attitude that I was going to enjoy not feeling bloated, and that it would shrink my stomach and curb my appetite. I got through it easily, and I've now decided to fast one day every week (this day will vary, depending on my schedule).

On Thursday, I fasted and am down to my lowest weight in 2 years. I've finally hit the 150's. Only another 14 pounds to my goal weight. I am exercising as well, so this weight loss is not entirely from fasting/eating less, but the fasting definitely helps to keep up my momentum.

So this is how I fast:

I make up 6 16.9 ounce bottles of the "lemonade." Brad squeezes my lemons (haha), or you could use a juicer if you have one, and we mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of PURE maple syrup in the empty bottles, and fill with water. (I use the Poland Springs water bottles - my work has bottled water so I just save my empties). You'll need approximately 6 lemons for the 6 bottles.

When ready to drink, add the cayenne pepper. I add it to taste, I'd say I add about 1/4 teaspoon per bottle. When you're just starting, add some, taste it, then add more. If you add way too much it'll be too spicy. But just the right amount gives the lemonade a little cinnamon-y flavor that I love. The cayenne pepper acts as an appetite suppressant from what I've read. And you'll want to shake the beverage up as you're drinking, because the pepper does settle. (Which can make for a nasty final swig if you don't shake it well!)

Whenever you're hungry on your fasting day, just drink some of the beverage. I take 4 bottles to work usually (and I drink lots of water in between, make sure you drink a lot of water, too!), and I have two at home, usually both at night. Yesterday I only used 5 bottles.

Benefits: reduces your appetite, gets rid of some water weight, and it really will get rid of any bloat you're feeling after too much bad food.

I never actually feel hungry on my fasting days. Sometimes you do have to use some willpower not to eat just because you want to eat something. Not from hunger, but the desire to chew some real food. But remember, it's only a day (or two, or however you want to do it for), and once you make it through it, you'll feel really good and probably will lose some weight. It's up to you, after that, to keep it off.

I like the idea of fasting one day a week, just to kind of keep my appetite in check and also clear out any salt and grossness I might have lingering in me. And one day a week out of 7 is really, really easy to do.

Anyway, just wanted to share what I'm doing.

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