Weird Random Dream

Last night/this morning I had this strange dream, and I recalled the entire thing and repeated it to Brad when I woke up, so I just had to share it here, too.

There was this odd scary vicious creature called a Spider Monkey on our front door. In my dream, we called it a Spider Monkey and it was poisonous. I woke up not knowing if there actually was a such thing as a Spider Monkey, but after a google search, yep, they exist. Though, they look nothing like my dream. In my dream, it was more of a spider looking thing. In reality, they're cute:

Anyway, in my dream, Brad was trying to get it off of our door without being bitten, but he ended up letting the thing crawl onto his back (which was bare...why he was not wearing a shirt is beyond my comprehension), and it bit and scratched him. I, trying to save him, grabbed the monkey off of his back, and it wrapped itself around my arm and bit me.

We finally got free, ran in the house and locked the door (which the monkey had re-attached itself to) and I called 911. I said, as my mouth started to go numb from the poison, that we had a Spider Monkey on our door, trapping us inside, and we needed help.

In my dream, I passed out at this point. When I woke up (weeks later), I was in a room with a doctor and medical students, and Brad, who was awake as well. We'd been put into coma states for weeks while they treated us for the poison. They woke up Brad first because he was a scientist and would like to see me woken up, or something like that.

The weirdest part? Guess who was the doctor?

Holy crap, he is sexy. Swoon!

Anyway, I woke up at that point. I can't even figure out where this dream came from. I didn't encounter any spiders, monkeys, poisonous creatures, scary movies, Dr. Drew, or medical procedures yesterday, whatsoever. Usually my strange dreams involve things I came across during the day, but not in this case. My mind is so messed up!

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  1. That is wacky! And if it were a movie, I'd totally watch it!

    Also, I have a big crush on Dr. Drew!