Weight Loss Check In/Change of Plans

Look at that! A 12 minute mile! Run by me, at lunch today. :)

This week I'm going for speed. Last week, I completed a 5k treadmill run (3.1 miles). And I've been running 2 miles a day (about 5 days a week). This week, I decided to do 1 mile runs (because I can do them during my lunch break and still have time to hop in the shower and rinse off), and I am trying to improve on time every day.

I started with Sunday, doing 1 mile in 13 minutes. Monday I did 12:17 and today, you can see in the pic. Woo hoo!

My short term goal is to hit an 11 minute mile by Sunday, if not sooner.

This week I've also changed up my diet on my non fasting days and I'm going to be using the Weight Watchers meals at lunchtime. I am hoping that a) they'll provide some tasty meals I don't have to think about making myself and b) they'll keep me from over-eating at lunchtime. I'm still struggling with wanting to eat more than I need, so we'll see if this helps.

On the weight loss side, actual weight loss is going slower than I'd like, but not bad. I dropped 10.5 pounds in 37 days, and I've lost almost 2 sizes. I've been doing a lot of strength training so I know I'm gaining muscle, which is likely the cause of the weight not going down as fast as I'd like.

This past weekend I picked up some summery clothes for our upcoming Disney trip, and I was delighted to find that I fit nicely into a 10, and could even fit into an 8 comfortably (but an 8 wasn't overly attractive - no muffin top but too tight around the thighs). And, I bought a medium sized dress. I can't remember the last time I wore a medium, probably 3 years ago when I was getting married. I've always had a large chest and mediums are very hard for me to work. A month ago, my 12's were causing me to have that muffin top, so I am super excited to see this progress, especially when it's not so evident on the scale.

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