Vermont Photos

Photo dump from our trip to Vermont!

We visited Summer at her camp in Vermont a few weeks ago (or maybe a month ago now, ha) and I used the opportunity to snap a bunch of photos.

At the camp, all Austin wanted to do was run around the field. 

We didn't do much the first day. Brad had a bad migraine and so he and Austin napped while Summer and I hit the mall.

On Sunday, we went to our favorite spot, Shelburne Farms.

The chicken are the best part. They're very tame and Summer always manages to hold a few while we're there.

This next photo already had this gorgeous sunlight streaming through. I enhanced it with a couple of actions in PSE, and gave it a slight vintage wash.

Austin had fun running around (of course) and riding the tricycle.

There were other animals too. The farm has a good sized petting zoo, and they had some adorable baby goats running around.

Summer was a willing photo subject.

At times, she even hammed it up:

Austin really wasn't too interested in posing. I rarely got him to look at the camera.

But sometimes, a little singing from mom does the trick:

On our way home, it rained a bit, and we drove under a rainbow, which I caught through the car window: